Hillary's Story

Like many people, Hillary had always seemed to believe in God. She can remember praying to him as a child but never had a real opportunity to be taught about him until high school. Hillary had mostly Christian friends and she loved to go to youth group and church with them but thought she had to wait each time until she was invited. At the same time, she was living the typical American teen lifestyle, doing well in school but also doing whatever she wanted morally. She continued to pursue her own self-interests and was privately consumed with compulsive nervous habits.

By the end of her senior year, she had even made a mental list of the things she was going to experiment with when she got to college. 

The day after graduation, Hillary had to finish packing her room and prepare to permanently move away from Alaska, where she grew up, and fly back to Washington with her dad where she would attend college. With one last check for forgotten items, Hillary noticed a dusty Bible on a corner shelf that a friend had saved up to buy her as a gift back in Jr. High. She shoved it in her bag and prepared to leave for the airport where she would catch a red-eye flight leaving in the middle of the night. When Hillary boarded the plane the midnight sun was still setting and as she flew towards Seattle it was starting to rise, all while never seeming to go completely below the horizon. Hillary was feeling emotional as she left her friends and headed off to the unknown of college life. 

Through her tears, all while being amazed at the perspective of the sun she was getting to see out the airplane window, she reached for the dusty Bible sticking out of her carry-on. 

She flipped it open and it landed on Psalm 19 where she proceeded to read “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” She was instantly convicted that there was a God and she needed to follow him. As she continued to read, “The law of the Lord is perfect, refreshing the soul. The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple” Hillary realized that she could trust the Bible as truth and needed to stop trying to direct her own life and instead trust her life to the Lord.  

The next Sunday, as Hillary woke up, she decided to go to the church she could see out her front window and ended up at a small Presbyterian church.

She spent the summer being loved on and simply getting to learn a lot about God. That fall, when she headed off to WSU, Hillary got connected with a Baptist church where she understood for the first time the importance of Jesus and Salvation. Then, after marrying her husband Scott, Hillary starting attending a Foursquare church, like Summit, where she was baptized in water and then the Holy Spirit, received deliverance from nervous habits, was discipled to love the word of God and to love and serve others. She has gone on over the years to see the Lord use her to be a youth leader, church planter, street evangelist, small group leader, etc. 

Hillary continues to daily walk out her Salvation but is continually amazed how God used his creation to profoundly speak to her and how the Lord loved her and saved her from herself just in time.

She is also reminded that it was the small but faithful acts of many believers along the way that helped bring her to salvation and personal growth in Christ. We may never know what impact our small but faithful acts may have on others.