Hailee's Story

Hailee grew up in a Christian home and accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior at an early age. She was introduced to church and youth group by her two older cousins in 6th grade and, from that point on, she immersed herself into her church community. Hailee’s church and new church family very quickly became her life.

In High School, Hailee continued to make church her top priority. She was attending youth group and serving in other capacities. The social aspect of church and the relationships she had with the community became idols in her life.  She lived her relationship with God through her church leaders and the community.

During Hailee’s senior year of High School, she recognized her faith was anchored in the Church rather than Jesus. When the Church began to fall apart so did she.

Hailee was completely devastated and questioned everything about the church, the leadership, and even God.

She felt confused and lost. The identity she found in church, and ultimately Christ, was taken away from her. It seemed as though everything she knew about God was a lie. Hailee was mad at the church and at God. How could he take away something that meant so much to her? It was a church! How could church be bad?!

After this loss of identity and misunderstood faith, Hailee started down a rocky road. She was making bad decisions, in unhealthy relationships, battling an eating disorder, and was extremely depressed. She felt completely out of control.

Hailee hit rock bottom.

As she drove around town to clear her head- feeling lost, alone and worthless- she found herself in a church parking lot, and despite the pain of her past church experience she took the next step and walked into the church doors. She remembered the truth of His grace, love & forgiveness and was able to begin healing.

As Hailee opened her heart back up to God, He began moving and working in her life. She stopped spending time with people in her life that were bad influences, and was healed from her depression and eating disorder. This was the beginning of a life filled with joy that could only come from Jesus.

A year later, Hailee began attending Summit and was baptized in August of 2014.  She is active in the Summit community and serves in High School Student Ministries. God has shown Hailee how important church community is and how she can be involved in a healthy way.