David & Mindy's Story

David and Mindy were happily dating and decided to get married in 2009. This season in their life was filled with happiness and excitement, yet amidst the happiness their marriage experienced trying times.  Within the first year, David’s struggle with alcohol became apparent. Mindy knew bits and pieces of his past, but never knew the extent of his drinking problem. He was addicted and quitting wasn’t going to be easy.

David tried countless different ways to quit on his own, none of which worked, while Mindy struggled between the tension of suffering in silence or telling half-truths to her family and friends. The failed attempts to quit began weighing on David, and after a period of sobriety, he started drinking again. This time, alcohol was consuming him.

He had completely lost his self-respect, his relationships were tanking, he was struggling at work, the marriage with Mindy was broken and hope was low.

At this point, Mindy couldn’t take it anymore and decided to pack up and leave the house. She refused to move back until David quit drinking and would reach out for help. As you can imagine, David was not confident in his own ability to quit, so by the help of family and friends, he enrolled in a 21-day alcohol and drug rehabilitation center.

While enrolled in the rehabilitation center David was reminded of his faith, and for the first time in his life he experienced a profound encounter with Jesus. He discovered that he never truly had an authentic relationship with his Lord and Savior, and began to understand the depth of God’s love for him.

This experience helped David and Mindy realize how much they needed Jesus in their lives.

David and Mindy decided to not live in secrecy anymore, which meant being 100% honest to each other, family, friends and their church. They've chosen to live in the light and openly discuss personal and marital issues so healing can continue. It's taken a lot of hard work to heal their marriage and change hurtful patterns of behavior. Growth still needs to happen, but peace is present as they find their hope in Jesus and are reminded that He is the ultimate Healer. They have chosen to live one day at a time continuing to encourage each other in their faith and walk with Jesus.

Today, they are actively seeking help and support from AA, a couples recovery group, and church. They are passionate about serving in their church and helping others who are going through similar issues. You’ll find them at Summit volunteering, leading and welcoming others with joy in their hearts. They both serve in Summit Students, Mindy with Jr. High girls and David with High School boys.