We love gathering as a big church on Sundays; equally, we love creating opportunities for people to experience God in smaller, more intimate settings. We gather in a variety of settings and sizes, from community groups, to gender and age specific gatherings, in order to experience the kind of loving, supporting relationships that God intends for us. 


This is a monthly group that meets at Summit to
provide support and training to foster and adoptive
families, and can be applied toward credit hours for
licensed foster care parents. 

As an avenue of Summit Care, we will be offering Grief
Share, starting April 10. Grief Share is designed to be
help and encouragement after the death of a loved
one. If you are interested, you can register by clicking
below. Feel free to click here to email us with any
questions or click here to visit the Grief Share Website

A multi generational community of women that come
together for Bible studies, mentorship, and events to
grow in our faith and experience authentic
relationships with each other. 

Whether it be a time of joy, sorrow, change or trials, our
hope is that we build relationships as a community of
men and walk through these seasons together,
connecting beyond a Sunday. 

Community Groups are small groups of adults that
meet weekly for connection and growth. There are
groups in many locations, many days of the week,
many stages of life and maturity, and all are welcome.  

Working professionals, join us the last Thursday of every
month, 5:30-7:00pm, at varying locations. Show up to
chat with new friend or touch base with old ones, all
while enjoying food & beverages!

Wondering about God, life, and the Bible? Alpha is an 11
week course, set in a non threatening environment,
meant for you to explore life's hard questions alongside
other people asking the same questions. 

Premarital with Summit is designed to prepare couples
for a marriage they'll love. We strive to help couples
create a loving, healthy marriage that will last a